Sunday, January 08, 2006

item(s) recovered

okay, perhaps my entry just now may have been "slightly" exaggerated hehe
i just removed a whole lot of insulting words from my previous entry and i deleted an incredibly harsh entry that was laced with arsenic which i wrote a few months back.. its a real wonder what anger can do to a person..

i remember my friends back in primary & sec school said i'd be the last person they would ever see get mad. a few classmates agreed with this a few days ago. ohoh.. i guess i have yet to unleash my fury in front of them :)

quote: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

*smiles ever so sweetly*

anyway, skirt's been found by px :)
turns out a certain someone who shall remain anonymous here mistakened it as hers...swt.
ohwell, at least all's well and i got my stuff back.
now i just havta figure out when i'm gonna re-wash all my clothes!!!!!!! it's got that annoyingly soggy damp smell (despite being extremely dry).. u know that stench when ur clothes dont dry well?
the weather's been EXTREMELY dull lately. rain rain rain.. and when its not raining, its drizzling.. darn. even the weather feels like me! all blue!!!
kay i need choc i know...

p.s. blog entries are getting rather boring eh?
i'm actually talkin bout my laundry that didnt dry well... *pulls on boring face*

laundry theft!!!!!!!!!

'Twas the night before the Sabbath, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
the clothes were hung in the laundrette with care,
In hope that no one would touch it and leave it just there;
But no, someone just had to be mean,
and take my school skirt! without being seen!

sigh, yeah i jumped to the ending too soon! but there's no mood for rhythm and rhyme when someone's just stole ur school skirt!!! and i'm feelin seriously annoyed now coz i've only got 2 skirts and i'm now left with ONE!!! grrrr...

kay kay calm down. this morning passed too fast. i woke at 8 or 9 and its now 1 already..
who would've mistaken their skirt for mine huh? huh?
its got "B313" scribbled and scrawled practically all over it!
reason being the fact that the laundry service last year made us label all our stuff.

remind me never ever to do my own laundry again. haha excuses.
honestly.. i just left it there to hang and next sec, i've lost a skirt! we're not even into our 2nd week of the new term!

Its almost impossible to mistaken my skirt as someone else's coz mine's about 3-5 inches longer than most SA skirts! never bothered to take it to the tailors' to alter.. mine's like at the knee while most others wear them 4 inches above, or for the more daring ones, slight below their sexy butts. so how could anyone possibly mistaken MINE for THEIRS?

kaykay, lets say no one took it. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS IT THEN!!! skirts don't just sprout limbs & feet overnight and go run & hide!?! i've checked possibly everything in the laundrette! except the rubbish bin, that is.. but i honestly doubt it'll b there. i mean not even a delusional moron would throw clothes into a bin right?

anyway i'm gonna go bang... err i mean knock.. on every single door in hall A later to check.. well i mean ASK if anyone's "seen" it. sigh.. theyre gonna think i'm crazy... but when your laundry goes missing, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

lesson learnt:
CHOCOLATE HELPS SOOTHE THE STEAM (thanx 'cutie') but u'd need plenty more if u wanna keep your cool for longer than 15 mins.

why, hello again...

its been almost a year since my last post, and to be honest, i'm not sure how long this will last again haha

to be completely truthful, there were a few times i considered reviving this but ahh laziness caught hold of me and everything else was too appealing at that moment hehe (in other words, the only reason why i'm doin this now is coz i have no other channel to vent out some err..pent-up-thoughts ;D ) of course we all know, blogging isnt private and everything i write here will be free for the everyone to see on the world wide web. (yeap we went thru this one too many times last yr coz blogging was a big issue in the land where i am now hehe)

too much has happened since last march for me to write anything about it!
there are times i wonder if the path i have chosen was the right one, but then again, there IS no right or wrong. I believe that every move i make, may it be a a 2.4km dash or a 1.6m leap or maybe even a small step forward, God has His plans for me. there's this particular song that we sang a few times last year during chapel.. i think it's called "God Will Make A Way". just a simple tune, with simple words. but somehow or rather, it comforts me.

okay. i think this post doesnt at all sound like something i would have done last year. enough for now. till i get my sarcasm back ;)

oh and before i go, i HAVE to write this.. can't help it ;)

"there u go again, doin what u never used to do.. what's happened?"

Saturday, March 26, 2005

hair-rassing gimmicks

there seems to be a hair shampoo advertisement craze at the moment.

1) SUNSILK YOGURT *new* :)

storyline: drop-dead-gorgeous (ddg) model-like gal is with pals (who also happen to look like replicas of miss teen usa).
ddg gal sees flaming-hot (fh) model-like guy.
fh guy spots ddg gal & heads in her direction (as usual, gal pals of ddg start nudging).
ddg gal starts to twist n twirl her oh-so-very-unusually-messy hair round her fingers (muz b some form of a nervous disorder).
ddg is asked to dance by fh & shyly agrees :)
flirtatious melody playin in the background comes to an abrupt halt as ddg realises her twirled hair is now tangled up round her finger (oh-the horror!).
guy stares with disgusted look (whats his prob? never heard of bad hair day b4? >P)

cure: use SUNSILK yogurt shampoo *NEW* & gal automatically transforms into ddg gal with INCREDIBLY STRAIGHT SILKY BLACK HAIR :>
guy gets gal, gal gets guy.


Note: there are a few versions, this is only one of them.

Storyline: features asian version of ddg gals (this time, no fh guy involved -how sad :<).
strong gust of wind sweeps gals off their feet.. oops, i meant strong gust of wind ruins group of gal's hair-do (how do i say that in the plural?)
[only ONE (uno/satu/yat) gal uses REJOICE]
gals who r not usin REJOICE look at each other with distorted faces, woe behold them, hair is ruined!
REJOICE gal (who happens to look like a "pontianak" now coz the wind blew her hair all to the front -amazing wind) offers a tip.
REJOICE gal quotes in rejoice (with big happy smiley face plastered to her head, not to mention all the hair too): "dengan REJOICE, guna jari pun boleh" & continues to smile that oh-so-very-sickly-sweet smile before proceeding to run her fingers through her hair, which instantly repairs any damage done by mother nature.
other gals stare in utter amazement with their jaws hangin down 2 d ground.
however, there is a catch to this otherwise normal advertisement.
the ddg asian who speaks has this rather low, deep voice; thus resulting in her lookin n sounding like a real "pontianak" when the hair is all over her face n stuff (well, just for a split second coz all hair-product-gals r usually ddg).
a must-watch if u truly wanna understand!

always use REJOICE for silkier, more manageable hair with that extra SHINE :)

p.s: u should really watch the advertisements to understand this all!
p.s.2: next time my hair gets tangled, i'm dumping yogurt on it!

drats! now i'm confused! rejoice? or sunsilk? or pantene, or dove, or clairol? or should go back to using johnsons&johnsons (NO MORE TEARS!!!) shampoo? (with exta-mild formula, so that even babies can use it =>)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

THEY LIVE!!!!!!!!

THEY LIVE!!! yes they do! i'm referrin to nike n reebok yeap yeap theyre alive and breathin, and gettin heavier by the day :) - i was carryin reebok just now n he weighs a ton! soon, he wont b able to squeeze in thru the gate anymore :( nike's still skinny though.
was kinda fidgety these past 2 days, coz nike&reebok didnt come home! also coz i kinda heard gunshots the night before their "disappearance", followed by dogs howling.. barking, so on so forth..
anyway they came home for a short while just now, n thats all that matters, isnt it?
mum sez they just wanna let me know that theyre alive and still around lol
btw, nike's ears arent flopped down anymore.. hmm.. evolution.. lol theyre both perky now, upright! he looks like a smaller, skinnier version of hugo.. white with brown patches round the eyes, ears..
reebok's still the same, gettin chubbier by the day though, havta admit he eats much much more than nike (reebok's the greedy one lol), his ears are still down though, so they cant really pass off as brothers anymore
they're both equally adorable though!
i wish i had batteries for the digicam, i badly wanna take a photo of all three together!!!!
nike was really funny today! he was feeling rather "bark-ish" i guess, so he tried barking (sounded something like a tiny "arf arf") at one of the dog's passing by the house and the dog headed straight for him after that! (nike was outside the house) poor nike got a shock n tried to squeeze back in thru the gate but he couldnt so he started yelping at the top of his tiny-doggy-voice instead! thank goodness the dog went off when he saw that nike was such a coward lol
well coward or not, theyre MY puppies! and i simply adore them!
my bro sez i'm opening the house to strays...i detest that comment! nike& reebok arent really strays! theyre MY puppies!!! and they'll grow up to be MY dogs! its just a matter of time before they decide to stay here for good, n so there! :p

really sleepy now, dont know what to blog about...and as i've told most, i aint the typical blogger-type so, nite all, rest in peace.. haha

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

UJIAN UNDANG-UNDANG JLN RAYA (KPP - kemahiran pemandu profesional)

The following are a few questions which i have shortlisted from what i have read so far in this ridiculous book of 500.. the words in bold are the answers which i find most apropriate..know what? they should really consider publishing a new book with the right answers..

1. utk mngelakkn krosakn knderaan di dlm perjlnan, apakah tndakan yg prlu dilakukn sblm memulakn perjlnan?
beli kereta baru

2. apbila lampu isyrat wrna hijau tlah bertukr kpd wrna kunin, anda mestilah:

3. tali pinggang keledar hendaklah dipasang:

4. sistem KEJARA ialah singkatan kpd:

5. apakah tindakan yg perlu anda lakukan jka kenderaan yg anda pandu tiba2 terbkar?
(well.. its the only way u can get obvious attention right?)

6. anda ingin mbuat perjlnan ke selatan menerusi bandar raya KL & menyedari bhwa keadaan lalu lintas di bdr raya adalah sibuk pd wktu puncak. sbgai seorg pemandu berhemat, apa yg harus anda lakukan?

7. tabiat mmandu yg buruk sgt brbahaya & sering menybabkn kemalangan. cth tabiat mmandu yg buruk ialah:
(someone's gonna bump ur a** if u drive so slowly in kl)

8. apakah langkah2 yg perlu anda ambil utk mengurangkn ketegangan smasa mmandu?

9. skiranya kenderaan yg anda pandu terjunam ke dlm sg, apakah tindakan terbaik yg perlu anda lakukan?
(so the water wont get in hehehe... row, row, row ur boat, gently down the stream.. *how does "sink, sink, sink ur car.." sound?)

10. jika hujan terlalu lebat & jln sukar dlihat dgn terang smasa memandu, kita dinasihatkn spaya
(quick, quick, gotta get home!)

11. sekiranya brlaku kecemasan ktika anda menunggang motosikal, apakah yg perlu anda lakukan?
(what else?)

12. Hon adalah penting bagi sesebuah kenderaan. tujuannya adalah utk:
(yea! fun wakes u up :>)

13. ketegangan boleh dibahagikan kpd 2 jenis iaitu tekanan positif & negatif. yg manakah tekanan negatif?

and here's the all time fav:

14. Perlaksanaan KPP bertujuan untuk:

may i have the patience to continue with the next hundred or so questions...

Monday, February 28, 2005


yes pure madness (i've been usin this in my vocabulary alot recently.. thanks to someone. goodness.. madness).. it is now 3.15am.. n i, unlike any other sane human being, am awake & bloggin..
failed to keep to my previous 2 resolutions (1. to blog as often as possible 2. to keep the blog as a journal of my pups)
but here's latest update bout the pups anyway

they have names now!!! yes, names :) after lots of thought (or quite the opposite hehe) we named them reebok & nike. :) was my bro's idea.. i didnt really like the reebok at 1st,, coz u see.. if u pronounce it the typical chinese way.. it sounds very ... chinaman-ish.. try "lee-BOK" (yea stress on the "BOK").. try it, i'm serious! but then again, reebok & nike was better than ah fatt & ah choy,, as proposed by my relative. in fact, my bro & sis were startin to call them that.. n they kept laughin when they did it! i mean its ok.. but imagine me callin out "AH FATT! AH CHOY!" when i want them... preposterous! i cant speak a word of cantonese to save my life! (okok.. that was a lil extreme.. i CAN speak cantonese.. but i just need a few minutes to think so i can put the words together.. go ahead & laugh)

anyway, the pups arent exactly livin here anymore.. they come in n out as they please, squeezin in thru the gate. they're livin with their mom now, & another sibling of theirs, up in this fenced-up field-like area in front of my house.. for those who've been to my humble abode, u should know. i get visits from them almost everyday! so far, they come once in the morn, and once in the eve or late at night,, the visits vary though.. they come frolickin (lol sounds weird eh?) in, waggin their skinny lil' tails, jumping up & about.. i feed them a lil', we play a lil', hugo barks a lil', they sleep a lil', and wa~la! theyre off the next minute. they've always come back so far. i kinda wish they would stay, but u cant separate a mother from her young, can u?

Monday, February 14, 2005


i was up at this unearthly hour, deep in thought bout my so-called new year resolutions (bah! don't believe in them anyway) when suddenly the "dreams" i had for this long-forgotten, left-to-rot blog dominated my brain (which part of it u ask? i can no longer remember as bio was soooooo last year)

so anyway, as u can see, my past few posts havent been very leanne-ish. neither shall this be i guess. but i've decided that instead of worryin if my sarcasm will annoy others, perhaps i shall dedicate my whole blog to the dear puppies i recently .. erm.. saved? (well if not the whole blog, at least 3/4 of it!)

back to the pups: here i was catchin up on my beauty sleep on cny eve (erm what was the date again?) when at approximately 2pm (yeayea i was in bed at 2pm, so shoot me), i heard the yelps of A PUPPY! on a norm day, yours truly here wouldve shrugged it off, dragged the covers back over my head n perhaps go back to sleep for another 30 mins at least. but somehow, some way, that day, i actually dragged myself out of my bed (wow). destiny must have had that planned.

so i went downstairs, n to cut it all short, somehow or rather i went outside in the midd of breakfast to go look for the lil darling, n spotted him/her (i didnt know at that time) trapped? between 3 pots (not pots, it was the black plastic thingee they use to store plants-in this case trees) screamin his/her head off. and guess what? just when i was pattin that one, i heard another yelp! n by golly, it wasnt from in front of me! -_-" what else could i do? so there, i found 2 puppies. all in a day's work! :)

well, i wouldve described every single detail but i can get rather... long-winded? (is there such a word? or izzit direct translation from the chinese version?)

so here i am, stuck? or blessed with 2 lil pups, both about a foot long (now dont go thinkin bout foot-long sausages), one white-ish with brownish ears n one just plain brown (well coffee-coloured if it sounds better), both of the xy chromosome species(xy is for male right? n do dogs have chromosomes? duh.. no school has left me with the iq of a... somehow "baked potato" comes to mind, i muz hav read it somewhere). both have this really cute flopped downwards ears & skinny tails which stand up half curled.

what will i be doin with them u ask? well, u cant really find appropriate owners for mongrels nowadays.. sad isnt it? so i shall be keepin them i guess. the lil rascals r sleeping soundly in the bathroom now (coz i'm afraid hugo might devour them whole if he's alone with them... he's no savage beast, but hugo's a weally weally big big big doggie... n he likes to play rough!)

ok, enough for today. i might go on forever if i dont stop myself here! ta~~

btw the previous post was done by dear mr ong one day when he was here.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fencing Test

Originally uploaded by Ennael.
Hi everyone, Annedroid here.

This is a photo of my, how shall we say, 'less-than-sane' cousin taking on my slightly-more-sane ex-classmate.

Proof that mediaeval chivalrous knights still roam the earth... with barbecue skewers, no less!